Monday, 8 February 2010

Once upon a time, there was a blog called The Bindi Diaries...

So...Where to start?


Hello everyone!!! (By everyone, I’m hoping a lot of people will read this but I will happily settle at just having my housemate - who I kinda bullied into following this blog- being the only reader!)

I’m Jaz, and for those of you who have probably wasted a good few minutes of your lives reading the About Me section, thankyou, bless you, and don’t worry...I am not going to reiterate it! Think of this more as...filling you all in on my life story... Hahaha!
Basically, I’m British Indian. I’m a girl. I’m 20. I study Law and French at Uni. And I would like to think I am just a little bit mental! :D

I keep racking my brains for what I will ACTUALLY write in this blog... The truth is... I haven’t got a clue! I apologise in advance for what is gonna be a bit of an eclectic ‘dumping ground of hopefully entertaining things’ blog, like a mash up of Bollywood, Make-up, Crazy Me, Cookery, Shopping, and last but in NO way the least, accounts of what are probably some of the most EMBARRASSING events in history... A.K.A the daily happenings of my life!

Any suggestions and tips would be really great as I’m new to the wacky world of blogging!
Hope that you enjoy The Bindi Diaries! If you do, then please comment... :)

P.S. No Offensive Remarks, Trolling or Spamming Please. Anyone who does may be B-slapped Bollywood Style...Hehehe!!!

Love to all, Rab Rakha and Peace!


  1. WOOP Jazzypoo's blog. You are a funny writer. =D

  2. lol awwwwwwww
    thanks yin
    my only yet loyal reader! glad u liked xxx